The Unofficial Ultima 9 Patch

Produced by: Bill Randolph?

Ultima 9 Patch v1.19f

The first unofficial patch for Ultima 9, and for a long time the last.

This patch, rumoured to have been written by one of the developers of Ultima 9, offers further improvements to the Direct3D support that the 1.18f patch laid the foundation for. It also adjusts the damage caused by some spells a little bit, removes the “too many items” bug, and removes the SafeDisc protection from the game.

Indeed, this patch is pretty much necessary if you intend to run Ascension on a modern system; it should be the final step in an Ascension installation.

Note: this patch requires the official 1.18f patch to be installed, so get that one first.

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  1. Avatar iceblade says:

    Any ideas when this patch surfaced?

  2. Avatar los2000 says:

    The patch came out shortly after the Ultima team left EA. Sometime around 2000.

  1. August 26, 2012

    […] that Pix first built his patcher to support. The GOG version of the game is already patcher to version 1.19f, which is the last patch released for the game prior to Forgotten World’s various bugfixed […]

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