The Ultima 9 Extended Setup Utility

Produced by: Xenerkes Dragon
Website: Ultimatrix

Ultima 9 Extended Setup

A very powerful graphical frontend for Ultima 9’s extensive OPTIONS.INI file.

A powerful and complex utility, this program allows you to edit every aspect of Ultima 9’s extensive configuration without ever having to open the OPTIONS.INI file in a text editor.

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  1. Kraken says:

    Damn, thanks to this utility I figured out that my game kept skipping the final movie because the movies path was set to E:, and the movies were in F:, so I changed the movies path and then I was able to complete the game. Thank you so much for this utility.

  2. John P says:

    Any way to get a download of this? The ultimatrix website is down.

  1. August 25, 2012

    […] or work completely, with newer Windows operating system versions. As an alternative, check out the Ultima 9 Extended Setup utility. FacebookTwitterRedditStumbleUponTumblrPress This Categories: Fan Projects Cancel […]

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