The German Translation of Ultima 9

Produced by: Sir John
Website: Deutscher Sprachpatch für Utima 9

Ultima 9 German Language Patch

A patch for English versions of Ultima 9, to translate the game into German.

Ultima 9 German Text & Sound

German translations of the in-game text and sounds for Ultima 9.

Ultima 9 German Cutscenes

German translations of the cutscenes for Ultima 9.

Ultima 9 Combined German Translation

German translations of the in-game text, sounds, and cutscenes for Ultima 9.

As the title of this project entry suggests, this is a translation of Ultima 9 into German. A full German translation of the game actually existed already; this patch aims to add German language support to the GOG version of the game (or to any non-German version, I suppose).

Sir John’s patch, to date, adds translations for all books, dialogues, and item descriptions. Patches which translate all in-game speech, and which translate the cutscenes, are also available. Some minor things — e.g. some graphics, or the time a clock tells, remain untranslated.

The patch(es) come(s) with an installer that searches your hard disk for existing installations of Ultima 9. In case you run more than one instance of the game, make sure to pick the correct one to install the patch to. Original versions of the files modified by the patch(es) are backed up before installation.

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