Beautiful Britannia

Beautiful Britannia

Produced by: The Forgotten World Team
Website: Beautiful Britannia @ Forgotten World
Latest Releases:

Beautiful Britannia 2011 R3

The third — and, to date, final — release of Beautiful Britannia.

Beautiful Britannia Mini Mod 1

The first — and, to date, only — in a series of scaled down mods planned by the Beautiful Britannia team.

Beautiful Britannia U9BB Executable

A modified Ultima 9 executable, used by Beautiful Britannia.

Previous Releases:

Ultima 9 Freedom Mod

The Ultima 9 mod that served as the foundation for Beautiful Britannia.

Beautiful Britannia started as the Freedom Mod for Ultima 9, assembled by Michael “FIrstkniGHT” Menapace in response to the more linear feel of the plot of this last Ultima title. The mod didn’t do much to alter the order of events in the game, however. What it did do is alter some aspects of the structure of Britannia, eliminating obstacles that had previously prevented players from roaming the land freely.

Eventually, the project grew into what became known as Forgotten World, and a team joined FIrstkniGHT. FIrstkniGHT himself left the team for a while, though the project moved on; it gained a website and grew more ambitious, evolving into an attempt to decode the Ascension game files, with an eye toward building a world and game editor.

Firstknight (slight spelling change) then rejoined the team, and the project split into two separate efforts as a result: Beautiful Britannia (which aims to create a more lush version of the original Ultima 9 game world) and its Unlimited spinoff (a more lush Ultima 9 with a few additions and revisions), and Forgotten World proper (now an in-engine remake, which will feature many corrections and updates). Beautiful Britannia also aims to replace many of the lower-resolution textures in the game with higher-resolution textures, to further improve the look and feel of Ultima 9.

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  1. Avatar Pictus says:

    Thanks, but the download of Beautiful Britannia 2011 R3 stops before 100% 🙁

    • Avatar WtF Dragon says:

      Hi Pictus…sorry I missed this when you first posted it. I’ve attempted to pull down the R3 release twice now, succeeding both times. As noted below, I’ll be testing the download again when I get home this evening, to see if connection quality has anything to do with it.

  2. Avatar Inquisitor says:

    The download doesn’t function. Is there another way to get the zip?

  3. Avatar Inquisitor says:

    Thank You very much!

  4. Avatar Thomas Chivers says:

    not sure if anyone will reply to this, I’ve downloaded the Beautiful Britannia patch and there is no change to my game. I’ve done everything in the instructions, have the most recent patches (which all work) but none of the beautiful Britannia patches make a difference? I’m not versed in computer language so the easiest explanation would be appreciated. I extract the files into my main Ultima directory, click on the correct installer, enter 1 to install, and receive a BB has successfully installed message. It literally takes less than a second though so I’m not sure anything is actually installing. Anyway any info, help, ect would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea what to do and I would love to play this game again with these upgrades.

  5. Avatar Firstknight says:

    First, sorry for my late reply.

    What always can be done:
    After extracting, you can see a subfolder named BB within your UItima IX Directory, containing another subfolder named BB2011R3. Within this subfolder you can see a folder runtime and a folder static. Now copy the content of the runtime folder into Ultima IX\runtime and do the same with the static folder. In the end you should have BB installed, just in another way.

  6. Avatar Tim says:

    The file’s gone again, comes up with a 404 error.

  7. Avatar Firstknight says:

    Hi Folks,

    Looks like a new year has started, so time for an update.

    Made some nice progress here and there (better Tools, new and good looking textures, a larger worldmap), but nothing is in a state to show up actually.

    Just be a little more patient (I know i’ve stressed this to much already), as far as I can forsee it, April or May will be good months for showing flashy new screens.

    And there is a good chance that you will be astonished greatly then…

  8. Avatar chris says:

    happy new yeear 2016 🙂
    I’m trying this patch now ,hope it works.
    I just found the u9 cd while i was going trough some old dvds i had stored.
    Thought it might be nice to try it on my win7 x64 system. Fingers crossed 😛

  9. Avatar bruce l temple says:

    love the origin ultima 8 and v. u9 , it least has a story….

  10. Avatar RyanF says:

    @WtF Dragon – This is great. Just to make sure I do this correctly, do I only need to apply R3, or do I need R2 and R1 as well? Thanks!

  11. Avatar Firstknight says:

    I officialy confirm here ;-), that the 2011 R3 Release includes everthing of R2 and R1.

    Some words about future updates:
    A new release is still in the works, but unfortunatly not much progress has been made this year, so I cannot confirm, a specific release date here.

    However, when it’s done someday, it will contain a complete new sets of ground textures, which are significant improved compared to the ones of the 2011 release, especially when we speak of the mountain/rock textures.

    Also I spended some time to optimize my (self-created) toolset, so future content updates (objects related) should less time-intensive to create.

    I try to prepare some teaser screens, as soon as the new ground texture set is done (actual screens would look, well, a bit disturbing), hopefully this will be possible sometime in spring 2017.

    • Avatar RyanF says:

      Thanks guys! I’m running into a bit of a challenge (i think) with the order of applying updates. Any help would be much appreciated. I haven’t played the game in almost 15 years and I’m about to strap in for the long haul but don’t want to have to start over due to a bumble on my part that could have been avoided 🙂

      Here’s what I tried, in order:

      1) Main GOG install
      2) install 1.18F patch
      3) install 1.19F patch
      4) install 1.19G patch
      5) install 1.19H patch
      6) install beautiful Britannia R3

      My in-game journal still shows 1.19F, and it seems that the beautiful textures haven’t been applied. For example, the doors in LB’s castle look like the originals.

      What am I doing wrong?


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