The Monster, Economy and Dialogue Patches

Produced by: Grandor Dragon, Novum Dragon

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Ultima 9 was not without its critics, and some of those who did not like it decided to improve upon the last single-player Ultima title for themselves and others; these patches are the fruits of their efforts!

The Combined Patch offers three patches in total: the Dialogue Patch, the Monster Patch, and the Economy Patch. The Monster and Economy patches respectively tweak the monster stats and the economic system in Ultima 9, bringing these more in line with what one would find in Ultima 6 or Ultima 7. The Dialogue patch, meanwhile, drastically alters many aspects of Ascension. While it robs players of voiced dialogue (because so much of the game dialogue is changed in the patch), it re-works much of the game’s plot to bring it more in line with some fans’ vision of the Ultima canon.

For those who don’t want the Dialogue patch, there is also a standalone combination patch that applies the Monster and Economy tweaks only.

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  1. September 22, 2012

    […] to get involved in a fan remake of an Ultima because I had enjoyed things like Exult and the fan rewrite of Ultima IX, and the U6 Project was in its infancy when I found it. It seemed like a good opportunity for me to […]

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