Produced by: Moa Dragon
Website: Remaking Ultima IX

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Eriadain began as a module for BioWare’s Neverwinter Nights, and was to be based on an earlier planned storyline for Ultima 9: Ascension. This original storyline, also known as the Bob White Plot, was a much larger, more detailed story, which Origin Systems had to heavily prune in order to actually get Ultima 9 to a release-ready state.

Moa Dragon built a sizeable portion of the necessary map for this project, including much of the overworld and all of the dungeons. He also implemented many of the necessary scripts, although many of these were untested at the time that work stopped on the project. Dialogues were incomplete at that point as well, and consisted of placeholder conversations for the most part. The released module above should not be considered a demo for these reasons.

As noted, Moa Dragon stopped working on Eriadain some time ago, and the project all but disappeared for several years. With the release of part of the actual Bob White Plot document online, Moa Dragon was inspired to begin shopping around the idea of an Eriadain reboot here and in other fora, and in March 2011 he rebooted the project…this time using the Neverwinter Nights 2 engine and working in (informal) collaboration with the team developing Ultima Return.

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